Welcome to Reflecting Reflections

Welcome to Reflecting Reflections

Welcome to Reflecting Reflections, this a collection of thought provoking Images of nature for those who love nature photography and are looking for inspiration, motivation, or simply to reminisce about their own memories. Open your mind to the timeless capricious blends of our beautiful world, and fill the void in your heart with an essence like no other.

I attempt to share a visual narrative of my internal monologue through the eyes of “Kapcha” (Nikon D850) as she attempts to capture and store my frames of atmospheric scenes and the like. We hope you enjoy the glimpses of visual narrative we have shared as an offering of inspiration to your soul.

What else do we do besides taking photographs?

If nature is your thing why not make the best of both worlds, join me and the team at Freedom Expeditions on a hike and and get some fresh air into lungs whilst taking some spectacular images for your own collection. Experience the science of “Essenceology” we know it’s (not yet in the dictionary, but it ought to be if you ask us).

Can I buy your prints?

We be honoured, if you are interested in our fine art prints. Send us a message and we will contact you for the details. The images can be printed on a range of specialist photo papers, canvas or acrylic in a range of sizes. Frames are optional.

But I have a specific scene and location in mind for my wall?

Even better, another adventure in the making, message us and we will get in touch.

Will you freelance for us?

Yes indeed, we would love to photograph your magical memories, public or charity events you have planned. Drop us a message. We were recently hired by the Leeds Dads team for the “Dadtastic day” event in Leeds. Click here to see the blog.

Can I use your images in my own blog?

Yes you can, we have a gallery of images you can use for your own blog, contact us for the permissions, all we ask for is a link to our site and the attribution of the image credits in your blog where you have used the image.

Or why not…

…leave us a comment, perhaps it may inspire our next adventure. Welcome to Reflecting Reflections.

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