Sanjeed had close encounters with the natural world as a child, he was mesmerized by natures innate ability to calm his restlessness, but nature had its own plans… whilst lost in the wilderness of life, destiny united him with “kapcha” (Nikon S2)  in the  Attic of an abandoned house in the forest…and old friends from a parallel universe (where objects had souls) were magically reunited.

They went on many an adventure together and discovered that they had complementary skills, sanjeed was good at externalizing his internal monologue into a visual narrative, framing atmospheric scenes and the like, and kapcha excelled at capturing them in all their glory. They shared beautiful moments of tranquillity, excitement, adrenaline rushes (and tears) on their journey to comprehend the relationship between existence, and it’s sphere of influence over all created things; whilst desperately attempting to live in harmony with their fellow creations. They love ruminating over those moments and have shared some glimpses of their visual narrative to inspire your soul.

(Update)…The years passed, but their friendship prevailed despite changing circumstances (work, family, kids) and kapcha’s upgrades (Nikon D850). To contact them use the form below, or join them on their adventures at Freedom Expeditions…

They would love to capture your magical memories for you, and look forward to hearing from you. When not on an adventure you can find them around the aroma of freshly ground coffee in subdued lighting somewhere in the vicinity of Leeds UK.

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