So what’s the story!

Sanjeed (Ruminator) had close encounters with the natural world as a child, (although some say he was abducted by aliens, but this is just a conspiracy theory we hope) he was mesmerized by natures innate ability to calm his restlessness, but nature had its own plans… whilst lost in the wilderness of life, destiny united him with “kapcha” (an old Nikon S2)  in the  Attic of an abandoned house in the forest…and old friends from a parallel universe (where objects had souls) were magically reunited.

They went on many an adventure together and discovered that they had complementary skills, Sanjeed was good at attempting to externalize his internal monologue into a visual narrative, framing atmospheric scenes and the like, and kapcha captured them in all their glory. They shared beautiful moments of tranquillity, excitement, adrenaline rushes (and a generous dose of abrasions, lacerations, cuts and bruises) on their journey to comprehend the relationship between existence; and it’s sphere of influence over all created things (whilst desperately attempting to live in harmony with their fellow creations). They love ruminating over those moments and have shared some glimpses of their visual narrative to inspire your soul.

Hmmm…a photographer who engages in monologues with his gear, flora, and fauna, and creates visual narratives about nature, should we risk reading on?

He has a passion for nature, trails, photography, geology and communication (although we are still trying to figure out who he communicates with). If you have a passion for anything that, creeps, crawls, chirps, growls, flies or simply sways in the wind, he’s probably already talking to it. Mostly lost in his own world of what he calls “Essenceology” he can best be spotted (when he is missing from the group) by looking for a monstrous backpack that looks like it has the kitchen sink, “essential camera gear” he claims, but we are not convinced. He also claims that he spends his time taking care of the sick when he is not on a trail. Some of us are guessing he works as a vet but who knows, that’s a discussion for another day.

Sanjeed is also the co-founder of Freedom Expeditions a hiking, climbing, and outdoor adventure company.

They would love to capture your magical memories, and look forward to hearing from you. When not on an adventure you can find them immersed in the aroma of freshly ground coffee in subdued lighting somewhere in the vicinity of the Yorkshire Dales.

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